MT2Safari 1.2 - a MT bookmarklet for Safari that finally works!

version 1.2 changes - Bookmarklet will now capture
highlighted text from the page you want to post.

Thanks to: Jay Allen: for the tip! YAY!

Download for Mac OSX:
MT2safari.sit - 508K

If you prefer not to download:

The code:
Copy and paste ALL the code below into your old Bookmarklet, or any other bookmark bar bookmark( in the address field...)

(click in box and then hit Apple+A, then Apple+C)

Replace with your own URL to your bookmarklet. Rename Bookmarklet as you like if you need to.

Get this from old bookmarklet, or make a new one via MT if you pitched your old one. All you need is your path to your MT homepage/control panel.

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(not that you need to, of course...)


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