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September 2, 2005
Retro Dashboard

For those using Apple OSX Tiger I just discovered Apple released a widget preference pane that not only makes it easier to control those 'waskillie widgets, but adds new features, like being able to skin the "Widget Shelf". COOL!

The neat thing is any (preferably tiling) graphic at least 118 pixels tall should work, as the app says, just drag and drop any Pixeldecor pattern you wish right into the pref pane. Sweet eh?

Go get the Widget Preferences Panel from>>

August 30 , 2005:
New "Hawaiian Luau " desktops!

I got a little inspired. I thought how great it would be to go to Hawaii and how great OS X's desktop picture switching is and how neat one pattern changing through the spectrum would be and Voila!- 23 colors!

Being as there are so many I have chosen to limit the number of sizes to save on server space. Choose the one closest to your screen res, or larger. PLEASE limit your downloads to one a day if you can. Just download the color you like best. If the bandiwdth gets to be too much I will pull it down for a bit and bring colors back in phases.

See All Desktops>>

August 10 , 2005: New "BrikBrak" Pattern!

This new one will look lovely on your desktop, I should know - it's on mine right now - you have 28 colors to choose

See All Patterns >>

July 31, 2005: New "Egyptienne" Pattern!

I've been seeing it on a lot of retro styled celebrities and now you can dress your montior just as well! Available in 34 color combos in two sets you're sure to find one you love - go get'em tiger!

I have still been making patterns I just haven't gotten around to posting them. Well no more!

Check back often as I will be releasing one desktop or pattern set every week!

See All Patterns >>

Personal note from Jen

I'm always a bit shocked at the response this site gets, and to say I'm not continously amazed at the eagerness and kindness of my fans would be lying. Equally, everytime I'm presented with a company wanting to use Pixeldecor on their products I just am just as flabbergasted. This all started a few years ago as my snowdome collection site where I hosted my first couple patterns as a freebie, then before I knew it more people came for the patterns - not the snowdomes. I started making more and more patterns and then finally broke them off on their on to the site you see now. I never ever thought a little desktop site would turn into this 50's design online mecca. Never in a million years.

None of this would've have been possible without you. I'd like to say I make my living off this, I don't, it helps pay a few bills now and then but it does keep me loaded in stories for friends and family. Thanks everyone!

Jen, your pixel Hostess


Pixeldecor is now to go!

Five of Pixeldecor's most popular patterns can now be found on a line of snazzy set of premium removeable top-quality deals from They won't harm your iPod and you can change looks as often as you change your clothes. They come in dozens of color combinations for the entire ipod line and are affordable enough to buy a half dozen! You know you want to!

PixelDecor Scrapbook Paper

Imagination Project has come out with 2 sets of 9 papers (18 in all) of revised Pixeldecor patterns in all new color combinations.

There are also some new patterns, what I call "texture solids" - plain solid color paper is so boring. These are very lightly patterned papers that coordinate but do not detract or clash with the bolder larger showcase patterns. They are very reminiscent of fifties woven fabrics and help give the set a more authetic 50's layered feel without an inch of dullness or boredom. I have some in my hot little hands and I have to say it's gorgeous stuff. I wish I actually did scrapbooking! (I don't... shhh!)

Here is a list of "Brick and Mortar" stores and a list of online stores that sell Imagination Project products! If you don't see any at your local store, give them the Imagination Project URL and ask for some!

Pixeldecor Lamps

Lumisource, has a line of "retro table lamps" in 5 patterns by Pixeldecor! You will have to find a online or retail store selling them yourself as Lumisource only wholesales, but being one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the country which means you might be able to find these in Walmart or or other major retailers as well! If anyone finds a online store with them in stock, let me know so I can post them here!


The PixelDecor store has many new items. Lunchboxes, clocks, many kinds of wearables, mugs, and bags. And more! Just pick your design and go to see what is available!

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